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Two women, Louise Gibson and Lea Gibson-Bishop, always had dreams. "Anything is possible" was the mantra they held on to!

Louise and Lea started their career in the needle art/fiber business over two decades ago.  What began as a custom design needlecraft studio and retail store in Dallas, Texas, eventually led them into the wholesale  needlework and retail consultant business.  That expertise, in conjunction with their love of history and design, fueled them to create the Renaissance Center for the Needle Arts; a center which brought together nationally recognized fiber artists and students in locales that were rich in history.

Life's course took them down many roads, albeit, always in the state of Texas!  And, they both shared one dream... to create a business that would fuel their creativity, promote their love of Texas history and, showcase the diversity of the state's craftspeople.  Thus, A&L Texas Gifts was born.

So, join us in entering the A&L Artisan Gifts - A Portal to Texas crafts;  products selected by Louise and Lea, crafted and manufactured in the United States.  We also feature photography by WES, an amazing photographer with a unique perspective of Texas. Also featured are products by Artigianale, a company formed by multi media artists whose love of fabrics, beads and paint have taken simple items and infused them with their own signature look!



Texas Portal

PRICE: $59.95